Meet the team

Mark Johnson

Therapist, clinical psychologist, trainer in the field of Characterology.

In the Centre is conducting seminar-trainings on Characterology.

Tom James

Coach of memory, attention, thinking and communication skills development. Conducts seminars and trainings for the development.

Marta Healy

Hypnotherapist, family psychotherapist, psychotherapist. In the Center conducts trainings in the field of èrikson hypnosis.

Laura Stegner

Body-oriented therapist. Certified massage therapist, certified therapist, working with breathing problems.

Bradley Grosh

Certified coach, business coach, physically oriented therapist, a specialist on game models for personal growth.

Olivia Pool

Individual coaching, business coaching, live games and game models, where all the participants develop their skills.

Join to our team

Our team consists of professionals in coaching, corporeal therapy, hypnosis, NLP from around the world. USA, North America, Mexico, Canada, France, Great Britain, Indonesia, Australia - training, that has no boundaries.